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1957 Corvette Styled Couch

Make your dream a reality and own a 1957 Corvette Styled Couch. This couch is a fiberglass replica that can be customised to your dreams. All the lights work of 110v ac power and dimable. You get to choose what color for us to paint it with the highest quality ppg paint. Here is where it gets cool we will paint it truley any color, go to your local ppg auto paint store and choose the color you want. We will even paint rally stripes if you want, remember to give us the paint code too. The seat material has just as many options we can do many different types of leather or vinyl, we can do any thing from bomber jacket brown leather to baby alligator tan, go for a 50's theme with sparkly gold vinyl.  If you are looking to order one of these please give us a call and we can go over all the details. 800-736-9308

Dimentions: 68" x Wide x 32" High x 35" Deep



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