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220V 2 Motor Commercial Vacuum 15A

220V 2 Motor Commercial Vacuum 15A
Made in the USA
220V 2 Motor Commercial Vacuum 15A
  • Est delivery : Jul 9 - Jul 19
  • Model: 82059

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Revamp your commercial cleaning routine with our 220V 15A 2 Motor Commercial Vacuum. This versatile vacuum is designed to provide efficient and powerful cleaning capabilities, making it an excellent addition to your cleaning arsenal. Here's a closer look at what this vacuum has to offer:

Robust Motor Power: Equipped with (2) 1.6 HP, 220-volt motors, this vacuum ensures reliable suction power, capable of handling various cleaning tasks with ease.

Power Requirements: With a requirement of only 20 AMPs of service, this vacuum offers versatility and compatibility with different electrical setups.

Effective Suction: The vacuum is outfitted with 2 motors and a 2" hose, providing a solid performance with 163.5 CFM / 193.4 Air Watts. If you prefer a 1 1/2" hose, you still get great suction power with 140.8 CFM / 402.4 Air Watts.

User-Friendly Operation: The on/off toggle switch simplifies operation, and the double service doors provide easy access to the clean-out area. Inside, you'll find a convenient 4-filter bag system for efficient maintenance.

Flexible Hose Options: The vacuum includes a black 2" x 15' hose, complete with a swivel cuff and nozzle. If you require longer hoses, you can select 25' or 50' lengths, available in 1 1/2" or 2" sizes for an additional charge. Additionally, the 2" x 15' hose is available in red, blue, yellow, green, and beige at no extra cost.

Organized Cleaning: The internal vacuum hose threading system keeps your hoses neatly organized and ready for use.

Customize Your Setup: To enhance your cleaning experience further, we offer optional accessories at an additional charge. These include a push-button start with a timer, a service door security cover, cycle counters, a vinyl clean-out bag, and a rubber clean-out container.

Compact and Space-Efficient: Measuring 52.017" tall with a total width of 25.976" (including the hose hanger to the back of the dome), this vacuum is designed to be compact and space-saving. The canister mounted on the ground is 20.172" wide.

With a shipping weight of 117.00 pounds, this vacuum is built to withstand the demands of commercial cleaning.

Upgrade your cleaning equipment with the 220V 15A 2 Motor Commercial Vacuum. It offers a perfect balance of power, efficiency, and convenience, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking top-notch cleaning solutions. Invest in the best for your commercial cleaning needs today!

  • (2) 1.6 HP, 220 voltmotors
    • Requires 20 AMP service
  • 2 Motors with 2" hose =163.5 CFM /193.4 Air Watts
  • 2 Motors with 1 1/2" hose = 140.8 CFM / 402.4 Air Watts
  • On/Off toggle switch
  • Double service doors offer easy access to clean-out area and 4 filter bag system
  • Hose: Black, 2" x 15', swivel cuff and nozzle included (25' and 50' also available in 1 1/2" or 2" for additional charge).
  • 2" x 15' hose available in red, blue, yellow, green, and beige at no additional charge.
  • Internal vacuum hose threading system
  • Optional accessories available at an additional charge: Push button start with timer, Service Door Security Cover, Cycle Counters, Vinyl Clean-out Bag, and Rubber Clean-out Container
    • 52.017" tall with 25.976" total width with the hose hanger to the back of the dome.  
    • The canister that is mounted on the ground is 20.172" wide
  • Shipping Weight: 117.00 LBS

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