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Brake Dust Remover BDX - 5 gal

Brake Dust Remover BDX - 5 gal
Brake Dust Remover BDX - 5 gal
  • Est delivery : Jun 19 - Jun 25
  • Model: 77716

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5 gallons of Brake Dust Remover BDX is an effective rust remover that erodes iron particles from automotive paint and wheels. This product is highly effective and easy to use. Spray on Brake Dust Remover turns purple when it comes in contact with iron particles. Remove with a quick spray of water from a pressure washer or regular hose. This acid free formula is safe to use on metal, paint, aluminum and chrome.


  • Dilute 1:4
  • Spray on the surface (ideally not in direct sunlight, on cool surfaces)
  • Wait until product turns purple
  • Loosen with a brush, if necessary
  • Rinse off with a spray with pressure water or regular hose
  • Also can be neutralized with Waterless Car Wash

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