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Art Deco Marquee Chevelle LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can

Art Deco Marquee Chevelle LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can
Art Deco Marquee Chevelle LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can
  • Est delivery : Jun 3 - Jun 7
  • Model: 82559

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Illuminate your space with the vibrant charm of our Art Deco Marquee Chevelle LED Flex Rope Sign, housed in a robust steel can. This eye-catching piece combines the timeless allure of classic marquee signs with the modern efficiency and safety of LED technology. Perfect for indoor settings, it adds a splash of nostalgic brilliance to any room.

Measuring an impressive 39 inches in width, 28 inches in height, and 1 inch in depth, and weighing 40 pounds, this sign is a substantial addition to your decor. It's not just a sign; it's a statement piece that celebrates the iconic Chevelle, a symbol of American muscle car heritage that roared onto the scene in the 1960s. The Chevelle was known for its sleek lines, powerful engines, and the freedom and excitement of the open road during an era of innovation and style.

The Art Deco Marquee Chevelle LED Flex Rope Sign is a blend of artistry and quality, featuring:

  • A dazzling array of colors including red, white, and blue.
  • A circular logo at the top, with a blue glowing Bowtie emblem outlined in a crisp white, evoking the classic Chevelle badge.
  • White text that encircles the upper half of the logo, "Genuine Chevrolet" adding to the sign's authentic marquee feel.
  • Horizontal blue lines that underscore the logo, providing a visual anchor and balance.
  • The word "Chevelle" prominently displayed in the center, with radiant white LED lights that capture the essence of neon.
  • Six red horizontal lines flanking the central text, three on each side, offering a striking contrast and depth.

The dark, opaque background enhances the luminosity of the LED elements, creating a stunning visual impact reminiscent of a starlit night. The sign operates on 120 volts and is designed for indoor use only, ensuring a safe and dazzling display wherever you choose to hang it.

Additionally, the sign boasts features that provide convenience and versatility:

  • LED lights that emit a warm and inviting glow akin to traditional neon, without the fragility of glass tubes.
  • A remote control dimmer, allowing you to adjust the brightness to suit your mood or setting.
  • An included hanging chain for easy installation and immediate enjoyment.
  • A UL wall plug that ensures your sign meets the highest safety standards.

Whether you're a classic car enthusiast, a lover of Americana, or simply someone who appreciates the artistry of a bygone era, the Art Deco Marquee Chevelle LED Flex Rope Sign is a perfect addition to your home, garage, or business. It's a tribute to the art deco style and the legendary Chevelle, bringing a piece of history into the modern day with flair and function.

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