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Big Rig LED Flex Rope Sign

Big Rig LED Flex Rope Sign
Big Rig LED Flex Rope Sign
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  • Model: 82565

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Illuminate your space with the spirit of American trucking culture with our Big Rig LED Flex Rope Sign. This vibrant, meticulously crafted sign is not just a lighting fixture but a tribute to the iconic big rigs that have traversed the American highways for decades. Big rigs, known for their massive size and powerful engines, have been a symbol of American industry and freedom, connecting cities and towns by transporting goods across the country. Measuring 24 inches in width, 18 inches in height, and 1 inch in depth, and weighing a solid 20 pounds, this sign combines the classic allure of neon with the advanced technology of LEDs.

The sign's design is a vibrant celebration of the big rig, featuring:

  • A striking blue LED glow that outlines the truck, mirroring the contours of a big rig's powerful silhouette.
  • An intricately detailed truck cab, with chrome-like accents, creating a captivating focal point.
  • An American flag proudly displayed on the truck, with glowing white stars and non-illuminated red stripes, symbolizing the patriotic spirit of the long-haul trucker.
  • The letters "USA" emblazoned across the bumper in bright white, proudly declaring a national pride that shines as boldly as the sign itself.
  • The words "BIG RIG" illuminated in a radiant red below the truck graphic set against the sign's backdrop with a luminous outline.

Constructed with LED lights that burn warm and bright, this sign captures the look and feel of traditional neon without the fragility of glass tubes. It's designed for indoor use, making it perfect for your garage, man cave, or business establishment, adding a touch of Americana to any setting.

Powered by a standard 120-volt connection, the Big Rig LED Flex Rope Sign is both energy-efficient and easy to install. It comes equipped with:

  • A convenient hanging chain for effortless display.
  • A remote control dimmer, allowing you to set the mood with just the right amount of glow.
  • An UL wall plug for safe and reliable power access.

With its robust construction and eye-catching design, the Big Rig LED Flex Rope Sign is more than just a decorative piece; it's a statement of enduring American spirit and a celebration of the hardworking individuals who keep the country moving. Let this sign light up your space and pay homage to the legacy of the big rig.

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