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Art Deco Marquee Shelby LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can

Art Deco Marquee Shelby LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can
Art Deco Marquee Shelby LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can
  • Est delivery : Jun 24 - Jun 28
  • Model: 82564

Illuminate your space with the classic allure of the Art Deco Marquee Shelby LED Flex Rope Sign, a stunning piece of illuminated art that combines modern LED technology with a timeless aesthetic. This sign is a tribute to the rich history of the Shelby American brand, known for its high-performance cars and iconic designs since the 1960s. The Shelby name carries a legacy of speed and style, making this sign not only a decorative piece but a nod to automotive excellence.

Measuring an impressive 39 inches in width, 28 inches in height, and 1 inch in depth, and weighing 40 pounds, this substantial sign is crafted for indoor use and designed to be a centerpiece in any room. The sign is encased in a durable steel can, providing a robust and stylish frame that enhances its vintage marquee appeal.

The sign features two distinct illuminated sections that come to life with the use of energy-efficient LED lights, which emulate the vibrant glow of traditional neon while offering longevity and durability. The top portion of the sign proudly displays a circular logo set against a tiered backdrop with a striking red horizontal band above a white one. The logo itself is a masterful rendition of the Shelby emblem, with a red LED outer ring featuring red text on a white background, encircling the dynamic image of a coiled snake illustrated in captivating shades of blue and white.

The lower section of the sign highlights the renowned "SHELBY" name in luminous neon-like colors, set against a deep blue backdrop that makes the blue lettering pop. This is flanked by glowing white horizontal bars creating a cohesive and eye-catching design. The dark background of this section provides a perfect contrast, ensuring that the illuminated elements stand out brilliantly.

Key features of the Art Deco Marquee Shelby LED Flex Rope Sign include:

  • LED lighting that mimics the warm, inviting glow of real neon
  • 120-volt power compatibility for standard outlets
  • Indoor usage design to enhance any interior setting
  • Convenience of an included hanging chain for easy installation
  • Remote control dimmer for adjustable ambiance
  • UL wall plug for safe and reliable power connection

Whether you're a car enthusiast, a lover of Americana, or simply appreciate the artistry of the Art Deco era, the Shelby LED Flex Rope Sign is a must-have. It's not just a sign; it's a piece of history, an homage to the legendary Carroll Shelby and the innovative spirit of American muscle cars. Brighten up your garage, office, or living space with this luminous and evocative piece.

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