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Shelby Round 36" LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can

Shelby Round 36" LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can
Shelby Round 36" LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can
  • Est delivery : Jun 24 - Jun 28
  • Model: 82569

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Illuminate your space with the iconic glow of our Shelby Round 36" LED Flex Rope Sign, a tribute to the legendary automotive brand and its founder, Carroll Shelby. Known for his contributions to the American racing and performance car industry, Carroll Shelby's legacy is synonymous with high-octane power and innovation. This sign is a celebration of that spirit, crafted for enthusiasts who appreciate the adrenaline of the track and the beauty of classic design.

Measuring an impressive 36 inches in width and height, with a sleek depth of just 1 inch, this sign is a substantial piece that commands attention without overwhelming your space. Despite its size, it remains relatively easy to install, weighing in at a solid 40 pounds. Constructed for indoor use, this Shelby sign is perfect for garages, man caves, game rooms, or any interior space where you want to add a touch of automotive flair.

At the heart of this sign's design is a vibrant red, LED flex rope that outlines the circular perimeter, creating a striking visual boundary that immediately catches the eye. Within this illuminated ring lies a meticulously crafted snake emblem, a nod to the famous Shelby Cobra, glowing brightly in blue with intricate accents that trace its sinuous shape. The snake's eyes burn a fierce red, mirroring the intensity of the vehicles that bear its mark. Centered within this emblem is the word "SHELBY," each letter individually lit to stand out in bold white against a red background, reminiscent of the brand's powerful presence on and off the track.

With the included hanging chain, you can easily display your Shelby sign in your preferred location. Moreover, the remote control dimmer, which connects to the UL wall plug, allows you to adjust the brightness to suit the mood or ambiance of your setting.

Key features of the Shelby Round 36" LED Flex Rope Sign include:

  • Dimensions: 36" width x 36" height x 1" depth
  • Weight: 40lbs, ensuring stability and durability
  • 120-volt power requirement for vibrant illumination
  • Indoor usage design to keep your sign shining bright for years to come
  • LED lights that emulate the warmth and brightness of traditional neon
  • No fragile glass tubes, offering a safer and more robust alternative to neon
  • Comes equipped with a hanging chain for easy installation
  • Remote control dimmer for adjustable lighting levels
  • UL wall plug for assured safety and quality

Embrace the heritage of Shelby with this LED sign, a modern homage to a timeless legend. Whether you're a collector, an enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the artistry of automotive culture, the Shelby Round 36" LED Flex Rope Sign is a statement piece that will rev up the ambiance of any room.

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