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Art Deco Marquee Corvette LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can

Art Deco Marquee Corvette LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can
Art Deco Marquee Corvette LED Flex Rope Sign In Steel Can
  • Est delivery : Apr 26 - May 2
  • Model: 82560

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Capture the essence of classic Americana and the thrill of the open road with our Art Deco Marquee Corvette LED Flex Rope Sign. This meticulously crafted piece is not just a sign but a tribute to the iconic Chevrolet Corvette, a symbol of high-performance and sleek design since its inception in 1953. Perfect for car enthusiasts and collectors, this sign brings the spirit of the legendary sports car into your home, garage, or business.

Our Corvette LED sign measures an impressive 39 inches in width, 28 inches in height, and has a depth of 1 inch, with a substantial weight of 40lbs, ensuring a commanding presence wherever it is displayed. Housed in a robust steel can, this sign is designed for indoor use only, delivering a nostalgic and enduring aesthetic.

The sign's visual features are an homage to the storied history of the Corvette:

  • The round logo at the top-center shines with the pride of the Chevrolet brand, featuring the text "Chevrolet" and "Corvette" encapsulating the iconic emblems of a checkered and racing flag, all set against a stylized car front, illuminated in crisp white and blue.
  • Radiant red lines run horizontally across the sign, reminiscent of the Corvette's sleek and powerful lines, drawing the eye and capturing the essence of speed.
  • Dominating the lower section, the word "Corvette" glows brightly in white, flanked by six bars of light that cascade outward, symbolizing the unmistakable acceleration and dynamism of the Corvette legacy.

The dark background of the sign accentuates the LED elements, ensuring they pop with vibrancy and clarity, much like the Corvette stands out on the road. This sign is designed to emulate the warm glow of traditional neon without the fragility of glass tubes, thanks to modern LED flex rope technology. Enjoy the benefits of LED, including energy efficiency and longevity, while still experiencing the allure of neon's vintage charm.

Additional features of the Art Deco Marquee Corvette LED Flex Rope Sign include:

  • 120-volt power compatibility, ensuring easy integration into your existing outlets.
  • A handy remote control dimmer, allowing you to set the mood with adjustable brightness levels.
  • An included hanging chain for easy installation, so you can display your passion for the Corvette with minimal fuss.
  • A UL wall plug for safe and reliable power supply, giving you peace of mind.

Whether you're a die-hard Corvette fan or a lover of all things vintage, this Art Deco Marquee Corvette LED Flex Rope Sign is sure to be a centerpiece in your collection, offering a daily reminder of the enduring legacy of America's sports car.

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