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600 sq ft Kit of Commercial Grade 100% Solids Epoxy

600 sq ft Kit of Commercial Grade 100% Solids Epoxy
600 sq ft Kit of Commercial Grade 100% Solids Epoxy
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This kit includes all the chemicals you need to epoxy your garage floor. You will start with the etch and clean solution. Then the primer. Next is the 100 percent solids epoxy coating, which is a very high grade industrial epoxy. And finally you will finish the floor with a urethane clear coat that has a satin shine with an eggshell texture. All of these chemicals are included with this kit.

Due to the custom color tinting process, which is done after the order is placed, this product cannot be returned. Please consider this before purchasing it.

Please watch the video for detailed instructions on how to apply this epoxy flooring kit. For printable instructions on applying this metallic epoxy kit, click here


2 of the Epoxy Etch and Clean which is a water-reducible phosphoric acid and detergent blend formulated to both clean and prepare concrete for coating. Etch and clean is an economical concentration which can be mixed readily with water and diluted if necessary. Etch and clean reduces preparation time and cuts labor costs by eliminating the separate pre-cleaning and rinsing operation before etching. 1 gallon per 500 square feet of bare concrete diluted 50/50 with hot water. Enough Etch and Clean is included to complete a 1,000 sq ft area. 

3 of the Waterborne Primer which provides a solid primer base for the epoxy and seals the concrete to prevent moisture and/or air from coming up from under the concrete slab. A 1 gallon kit will cover up to 250 sq ft. Enough of this primer is included to cover 750 sq ft.

4 of the 100% solids epoxy which is self leveling with no order, no shrinkage, and no flammability. It is designed for applications where a high build colorfast impact and chemical resistant floor is needed like garages and warehouses. It covers 100 sq ft per gallon of mixed material. Enough 100% solids epoxy is included for 600 sq ft.

2 of the High Wear Urethane topcoat which is clear with a satin finish and a slight non-skid eggshell texture. It has abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and flexibility with weathering and UV stability making it perfect for garages, auto service centers, and warehouses. A 1 gallon kit will cover 500 sq ft. Enough High Wear Urethane is included to cover 1,000 sq ft

If the concrete is not prepared properly, the epoxy may not adhere completely to the concrete and eventually peel up. We recommend that you start the process by renting a floor grinder, which you typically connect to a garden hose. Grind down the surface of the floor until it looks like 100 grit sandpaper. After grinding the floor, the next step is to apply the Etch and Clean, which is a mild acid solution to further remove any contaminants. Once the concrete is dry, you can put down the primer chemical, which seals the concrete and sets a primer coat for the best possible epoxy adhesion. 

 *NOTE: This product should be used within 6 months of purchase and stored inside (away from sunlight) at an optimal temperature of 70 degrees until application.

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