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Epoxy Penetrating Sealer

Epoxy Penetrating Sealer
Made in the USA
Epoxy Penetrating Sealer
  • Est delivery : Jun 24 - Jul 11
  • Model: 16706

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Use this epoxy coat primer and concrete sealer after etching but before putting down the epoxy coating. This is a high performace two-component chemically-cured 100% solids epoxy penetrating sealer. This coat will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the epoxy process by penetrating and sealing the concrete.

This sealer is not recommended for use without a topcoat of epoxy.

Part A - Base: .75 GAL

Part B - Convertor: .25 GAL

Each 2 Part 1 Gallon kit covers 500 square feet

For instructions on applying this solvent borne epoxy kit, click here

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