10 x 10 Mini Garage Floor Mat

10 x 10 Mini Garage Floor Mat

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Item Number: #45256

This 10 x 10 Mini Garage Floor Mat is designed to provide an attractive clean surface to park your bike or ATV and work on them while protecting your floor from the elements. Easy to setup, clean, and store. Mats are non-slip, fire retardant, mold resistant, and seamed. Can be utilized for a variety of surfaces including gravel, dirt, grass and asphalt. Use it when you change your oil, lay it out to change a flat tire, or use it in the back of you vehicle when you're transporting dirty items. For best results it is recommended to sweep and clean coverage area of any debris before setting up the mat and allow it to settle prior to use.



  • Dimensions: 10' W x 10' L
  • Color: Blue
  • Provides a more professional appearance to your garage or pit area.
  • Resistant to various chemicals and fluids such as Nitromethane, Methanol, Gasoline, Carb Cleaner, Brake Cleaner, Oil, and Coolant.
  • Mold and Fire Resistant
  • Mats consist of 3 layers, 10 oz. Woven Polyester center w/ 22 oz. PVC on both sides.
  • Perfect for the Garage, RV Campers, Dirt Track Racers, Drag Racers, Motorcycle Racers, and Off-Road Racers.
  • Pro Jacks & Floor Jack Friendly
  • For jacks w/ sharp edges, it is recommended to use a pit pad to prevent possible damage to mat or floor.

Made in U.S.A

Item Number: #45256

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