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Pink Car Soap - 16 oz

Pink Car Soap is an innovation in liquid cleaning soap that is best in its class. It's rich composition makes it super-concentrated and thick, providing maximum lather even with the smallest amount of usage. This is a high-foaming car soap that easily washes away all traces of grime, dirt, and road film with just a few strokes, bringing out your car's true colors. It prepares the vehicle for wax and polish. This soap is a favorite of many full-service high end car washes, which will clean any car, RV, or motorcycle thoroughly. In its development, the product was made to be gentle for your car as well as for you. No harmful chemicals.

16 oz size


  • For best results, dilute 1 oz per gallon and use high pressurized water to create rich foam.
  • We recommend using a wash mitt to apply product to the car surface.
  • Start from top of car and work your way down.
  • Rinse off and dry with a soft, clean towel or chamois.

Full Service Car Wash:

  • Depending on your water pressure and car wash system, your setting may be different.
  • Start with the lowest tip (pink tip; 200:1) and work your way up until the desired foam is reached.
  • Pink Car Soap is a thick product and a larger tip may be required.

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