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Devthane 379 Clear

Devthane 379 Clear
Made in the USA

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A high performance, two-component chemically-cured aliphatic urethane gloss finish. For use on properly prepared and primed steel, concrete or steel floors, masonry, drywall, plaster, metal, concrete block, galvanized, aluminum, poured concrete and glazed brick. Ideal for use on exterior or interior structural steel, piping, metal buildings, control cabinetry, conveyors, pumps, storage tank exteriors, motors, machinery, and transportation vehicles. Can also be used in the hard service areas of food processing plants, dairies, schools, restaurants, hospitals, correctional facilities, factories, stadiums, arenas, and amusement parks.

  • Coverage of up to 400 square feet per gallon
  • Industrial-grade coating to protect and beautify your garage floor.
  • Provides a durable layer that withstands heavy traffic and extreme conditions.

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