Non Skid Slip Aggregate

Non Skid Slip Aggregate

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Item Number: #17526

Non-Skid Slip Aggregate Application:

Surfaces coated with high-gloss epoxy may become slippery when wet. For additional slip resistance in areas of pedestrian traffic, use this Non-Skid Additive. While applying your color chips, use the easy sprinkle can to sprinkle grit onto basecoat. Then once dry, apply clearcoat over chips/grit to create bumps in the texture. Be sure not to apply non-skid in too high-concentration.

Sprinkle 1 can (1.5 lbs.) of non-skid per 500 square feet.

The Non-Skid Slip Aggregate material creates bumps in the coating but doesn't sacrifice the gloss. For a more aggressive non-skid application, sprinkle the non-skid in the clearcoat by rolling out area, sprinkling the desired coverage then back-rolling over area to seal the non-skid into clearcoat.

Item Number: #17526

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