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9,000 lb Two Post Floor Plate Symmetric Lift

9,000 lb Two Post Floor Plate Symmetric Lift
9,000 lb Two Post Floor Plate Symmetric Lift
  • Est delivery : Oct 25 - Nov 2
  • Model: 68949

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This Updated 9,000 lb. Blue Floor Plate Two Post Symmetric Lift has a heavy-duty leaf chain, steel pulleys, high-strength cable equalization system, and everything you'd expect from a quality lift. Comes with mounting hardware and stackable drop-in height adapters.

  • 9,000 Capacity
  • High Quality Lift
  • Symmetric Floor Plate Design
  • Chain Drive
  • Duel Point Lock Release
  • Saddle Pad Adapters Included 1 pair
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Low Profile Drop In Swivel Pads with 1 1/2" Adjustable Height
  • 4 Stackable 1 3/8 and 4" Drop In Height Adapters
  • Reduced Overall Width With Front Mounted Power Unit
  • Internal Hose Routing With Hose Guards
  • Rubber Door Guard


  • Lifting Capacity 9000 Lbs
  • Height Overall 111.9"
  • Width Overall With Power Unit 134.6
  • Max Lifting Height 72"
  • Width Between Columns 110.4"
  • Min Pad Height 4"
  • Drive Through Clearance 101"
  • Lifting Speed 50 Seconds
  • Front Arm Reach 31" - 45"
  • Rear Arm Reach 31"- 45"
  • Max Lard Per Arm 2250 Lbs
  • Cable Diameter 3/8"
  • Column Sixe 7.25" x 10.87"
  • Column Steel Thickness 5mm
  • Carriage Steel Thickness 5mm
  • Arm Steel Thickness 6mm
  • Power 220v 20 Amp 1ph
  • Ship Weight 1270

For A Full Manual and specs click here for a complete PDF on this lift

Concrete Requirements: 4" Min. Thickness / 3,000 PSI

Typical Garage Ceiling Heights:
Two Compact Cars/ Low Profile Sport Cars: 114" / 2896 mm. (9.5 ft)
Two Full Size Cars: 120" / 3048 mm. (10 ft)
One Full Size Car/One SUV: 138" / 3505 mm. (11.5 ft)

Concrete should be a minimum of 4" thick and 3,000psi tensile strength with steal or fiber mesh reinforcement.
This unit features manual locks and does not require an air supply to disengage them.
This lift will arrive at your location on an LTL semi truck. If you want to unload the lift at your home garage, we suggest calling up a tow truck company that has a tow truck with a boom on the back that is capable of hoisting the lift off the shipping truck when it arrives. It is the customers responsibility to have the necessary equipment to off-load the lift upon delivery.

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